QCX: Quezon City’s new Interactive, Socio Cultural and Historical Museum.

QCX – Quezon City Experience located at Quezon Memorial Circle is now open.

Outdoor Sculpture

QCX is a spacious museum where visitors can learn the culture and history of Quezon City. It is also called  ‘green museum’ because of enclosure trees. There is also a Business Hub where  cafe,restaurants, shops and rentable spaces like the 100-seat theater, 60-seat lecture room, conference room, rooftop and outdoor exhibits for events are located.

QCX is Open from Tuesdays – Sundays 9am-5pm, cutoff time is 4pm. Entrance fee as follows:

Students with ID – P80
Quezon City resident – P100 (must present valid ID with address)
Non-Quezon City resident – P150
Group of 50 – 20% discount
Group of 50 students – 30% discount
Senior citizens/Persons with disability/Solo parent – 20% discount
Family of 5 members – 20% discount
Free admission for children 6 years and below

QCX has 15 Galleries

  1. Pylon Gallery

In this Gallery you will get the 360 view of Quezon City – like you’re on the top of the Quezon Memorial Shrine.

When you enter the Pylon Gallery you will see the illustration of QC on its wall.


Also, you’ll see the replicas of pylon – the sculptures on top of the Quezon Memorial Shrine.


The First Sculpture called the Mindanao which is facing the North Avenue. Second, called Visayas, facing Quezon Avenue. And Third is Luzon, facing UP Diliman and Commonwealth Avenue.

2. Quezon on a Hill Gallery


3. Malacanang Gallery

In this gallery you will see the replica of Malacañang on Manuel L. Quezon’s term.

4. War Gallery

Visitors will see the involvement in war that haunt the City.

Human sized statue of died people on war

5. Monument Gallery

In this gallery visitors will see the small replica of the monuments in the City.

6. Housing Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to housing Project of Quezon. Visitors will see a typical interior of the Filipino houses.


7. Jeepney Gallery

In this gallery the you will see the replica of a jeep and can also experience to sit on a bench.20160103_1558083

8. Education Gallery

In this gallery visitors will see and experience a typical classroom.

9. Street Gallery

This Gallery, visitors will see the typical scenes in a barangay.

10. Business Gallery

Visitors will see the businesses that started in the city.

Old Businesses

Old Business Machineries

11. Entertainment Gallery

In this gallery, visitors can experience the movie outfits and TV networks that have been established in the city.



Old Cameras

12. Issues Gallery

13.Barangay Gallery

In this gallery visitors will find 142 barangays in the city its illustrations and history.


14. Expressions Gallery

This will find the NGO capitals.

Freedom wall – You can write to express your thoughts.

15. Vision Future Gallery

This gallery, visitors can watch the 3D video for the mission vission dream for the city.
The museum tour is per batch, you’ll wait for your turn in a relaxing chairs in mini theater before you get along the tour. Good thing about the museum is you can touch, experience and take a picture of everything. There is also a tour guide that will explain about every galleries.

Meet Ms. Maria Lourdes ‘Ahlou’ Mercado our tour guide.


Thanks for reading 🙂


2 thoughts on “QCX: Quezon City’s new Interactive, Socio Cultural and Historical Museum.

  1. Thanks,miss Nicholas for visiting QCx museum. It was my pleasure to tour u around . likewise , il be inviting u in our future activities..More adventures to conquer..more experiences to come…#QCXtour#gustosaqc

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