Just Daet ✓

One of the good places to go during the Holy week is just home to reflect and meditate. I decided to make my reflection different from what I usually do, I choose to travel alone going to Bicol for the first time. Bicol specifically in Daet, Camarines Norte, Philippines is where my place of birth happened so I really wanted to explore this place. Though I usually go to Bicol with my family, it’s still different to explore this place by myself alone.

I don’t have any itinerary when I go there, I just let myself explore the places in Daet like churches and bagasbas beach, because I really want to learn and know about my hometown.

I went to churches that has sentiment to my family:

St. John the Baptist Church

One of the oldest church in Camarines Norte built in 1611 by Franciscan friars. Here’s where my baptism happened.



built in 1843 at the town of San Vicente in Camarines Norte. Here’s where my parents wedding happened.


Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity / Daet Cathedral.

A prominent latin rite roman catholic church erected in 1984 and here’s where my Mother’s confirmation happened.

I did not just learned it’s history but I also learned how to commute going to this churches.


Here’s where my every morning reflections and meditations happened during my stay. What I love about this beach is the big waves, and the sunrise.

7am sunrise
5:30am sunrise

More than church hopping and bagasbas beach I also met new people, visited relatives, treat my grandparents for a dinner and have some small talks with them is the best. Because I value what my dad always told me “always talk to the old people because they have more sense of humor, serious but had a lot to share that you’ll learn a lot because they already experience a lot.” And I just learned that olds are good listeners and they are more attentive.

Though I was alone in this trip, Im blessed that I JUST DAET (just do it) and for me going out of my comfortzone is amazing. I’ve learned a lot and that’s the thing that nobody can ever be steal.

Thank God for letting me experience this kindda safe and exciting solo travel.

|March 23-26, 2016 🙂





19 thoughts on “Just Daet ✓

  1. How lovely to return to your birth place for Holy Week and what a gorgeous beach to use for meditation. It must have been a very special experience.

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  2. Lovely photos!! I love the architecture of churches, and the history you can feel when visiting them. And yours have personal history, which is even better! When I was in England I visited many churches (also by myself), and it was a beautiful experience.

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