Cat Cafe Manila

I personally love cats, we actually have 6 cats at home. I thought of something unique to do that weekend, and I decided to visit the Cat Cafe Manila since it was near my home.

Interior Design of Cat Cafe Manila

I love the interior of the Cafe, it is like a village for cats. Good thing about the cafe is you can do other things aside from playing or catching up to the cats, you can also play cards or read books.

'Til the rain will stop falling baby… #catcafemanila #catcafe #catlover #cat #gelapixshot

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It’s a rainy afternoon when we go to the cafe, I know the feeling of a lazy bed weather so I don’t want to bother this cats from sleeping. lol Cutie. =)


Stretching Cat. 🐱😍 #catcafemanila #catcafe #gelapixshot #cafe #coffeeshop #cat #catlover

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Since it is my first time visiting this cafe, I really don’t know what to order. But then, the food specially the drink I ordered didn’t disappoint me. It’s actually perfect.

Cat Cafe Manila Menu

There is an admission fee of 200 php: P100 of which will go to the cats (food, litter, medical expenses, etc.) and the remaining P100 will be a consumable amount in the cafe which can be used for food and drinks (cat-themed merchandise is not included).


Things to remember before visiting the cafe:

  1. Reserved your tickets to the cafe
    • There is an occupancy limit of 22-24 persons in the cafe per hour. During peak periods, a 1-hour time limit will be enforced to preserve the harmony of our cats’ cozy abode.
    • Entry to the cafe is on a per reservation basis. Walk-ins are accommodated only when the cafe is not fully booked.
    • Go to this link to reserve you tickets
  2. The cafe is open from 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm everyday from Monday to Sunday.
    • Be on time.
  3. Read the several house rules and sign in the waiver before entering the cafe.

Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed catching up with the cats, its really cool great bonding and a nice place to chill with your love ones. ♥

Location / Contact number:

2nd Floor, 189 Maginhawa Street corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City, Philippines

+63 922 836 4441





12 thoughts on “Cat Cafe Manila

  1. Loved visiting Manila back in 2007 when I attended a wedding, but cat cafes weren’t de rigeur back then! Now I even saw one in Prague! I love the cup “I work hard so my cat can have a better life” – ha!

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  2. This is a peaceful and relaxing thing to do in such a chaotic city as Manila. Love it and would love to visit someday if I am lucky enough to go back to the beautiful Philippines 🙂

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  3. Lol, I have to admit that I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but some of the cats chilling in this cafe look so cute. I would worry about cat hair in my cake though!

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  4. I have heard about cat cafes before but didn’t realize the craze had also hit Manila. The cats all looks so cute and relaxed. What a great place to spend an afternoon.


  5. I’ve never actually visited a cat cafe, but I love the concept! I think cat cafes would be especially great for people who, like me, love spending time with animals but don’t have the time or the living situation to care for pets of their own.

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