Annoyed of the Signaling System Problem in MRT


I ride MRT everyday going to work started this year, and this is just my 3rd time to experience having a problem in trains/station. Regarding the transportation in Metro Manila, nobody can even tell when we’ll going to be late or be early in our appointments or schedules even though we already have trains as our transportation.

Personally, I decided to choose MRT as my everyday transportation because of the heavy traffic. I normally ride bus because it’s more accessible for me since its just one ride going to work. But I have no choice since I spend 4 hours of my time in riding bus from Commonwealth to Ortigas – imagine, spending 4 hours in a ride? It’s actually wasting of time, while I just spend 15-30 minutes going to the MRT Station (North Avenue) depends on the traffic and another 15-30 minutes in train depends on the volume of people.

2 difficulties I always encounter in my MRT ride: (1) The volume of people. For me MRT is the fastest transportation we have in Metro Manila, and I think every commuters will agree because many of them choose to ride on it. In my part, since I came from the 1st station (North Avenue) its not really hard for me because I can actually sit down, while on the 2nd and next stations they have negative possibilities to sit because chairs are already occupied by the people from the first station. Commuters don’t have any choice but to jam with other commuters and sometimes make themselves fit on the train even if its too full. I think, its also one of the reasons why the trains get some problems. These high volume of commuters also affects the buying of tickets, so when you are in a rush and still need to get into a long line, maybe that’s one of the reason for you to be late. So, I advise to always give a time allowance; (2) The train problems. Even if you are riding in a good condition train but the train ahead in you had a problem you will be affected, sometimes all trains need to stop and it causes delay. Worst case is, if you are riding in a defective train, commuters are all force to go out of the train and wait for the next train, but the most worst scenario is when your unfortunate and the train stops in a station where there are high volume of people or in a middle of the stations wherein you’ll going to walk on the side of rails going to the nearest station (but this not happened to me yet, just saw it on news), that was actually annoying and causes too much delay.

The reason why I created blog for my MRT experience is because I get annoyed of what happened early this morning. When I am actually in entry line for 30 mins. and 3 trains stuck in our station (since its the first station from north and last station from south). I’m wondering why is it stuck and not moving. Until I saw the long line of commuters outside the station. And the announcer always advised us to wait because of the problem in signaling system. Finally after the long wait, the announcer said that the operation will stop and we can now leave the station. What? after the long wait? seriously? and suddenly the train works and the commuters hurrying to go inside the train and me, feels like people don’t understand the instructions. And suddenly when most of the people are inside the train the announcer said, that train can be now use. And that made me annoyed, I believe there is just only a problem with the train signaling system, but I guess there is also a problem in their communication signal. How about the people who are actually follow the instruction of the announcer to leave the train? and suddenly trains are okay? Many people hurry to really get inside the train and fit their selves even if the train is too full, that is because of the wrong info given by the announcer. And that was annoyed me – the delay, wrong instruction, not followed instructions that maybe can cause negative. But I thank God for there is nothing worst than that.

Well, then again, I still choose MRT as my everyday transportation. I believe situations just test my patience, and I need to get through with it because if not, I’ll feel annoyed just like what happened early this morning. šŸ™‚
Thanks for reading,

Gela Nicolas


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