Reminder to Self

Dear Self,

You are pretty, you are good, you are awesome. Many people love and care for you. And only you can help to motivate your self.

Please stop prioritizing things that are not worth to prioritize. Stop giving an effort to the one who don’t appreciate. Stop giving your time to the things that is not important and to the one who’s not interested to give you time.

Please avoid your attitude on being angry to the person who’s angrier than you. Avoid giving so much love when you are happy. And mostly avoid being paranoid on things that cannot help you to be healthy.

Please always be understanding even if people don’t understand you. Always give love even if they don’t deserve. Always be forgiving even if they don’t say sorry. And always learn in every mistakes.

Please be prayerful in times of trouble. Be prayerful for others sake. Be prayerful when you are sad. And be most prayerful when you feel so much happiness and accomplishments.



Your Self


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