Praise God for the Music Ministry Retreat Experience!

I already went through a formal trainings for music long time ago. But this workshop retreat just reminded me how important my talent and how will I use this for God’s glory.

This retreat was my first activity attended since I graduated from the Christian Life Program of SFC (Singles for Christ), well I was just graduated this month. When I was in YFC (Youth for Christ), I am also active in joining ministries, but in Dance Ministry, and other service that is not related to music.

It was a long time ago since I left music as one of my hobbies. I just sing in videoke accationally and my musical instruments was just displayed at home. So when the Lord called me to crossover to SFC, and announced that there’ll be going to have a Music Ministry Retreat, I did not think twise and I inform my Chapter Head that I am intersted to join the retreat, because personally I wanted to know the service that the Lord want me to do in SFC.

"Serving the music ministry is a blessing and a very challenging one." – Bro. Jay Laquian #northbmusicminretreat #IamSFC

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I learned a lot from this retreat/workshop. Its not just talking about the technicality on how you do your part as a member or head of the ministry, but it also teaches the reason behind why we need to showcase our talent and offer it to the Lord. I also learned the purpose of this ministry not only in worship but in evangelization.

I did not just learned but I also enjoyed, I was amazed to my Brothers and Sisters in this ministry, because they are not just talented but mission ready. We had our groupings and was asked to compose a song and sing it. How we do it, was amazing. Praise God for the gift of Talents!

Now performing, Group 1. 🎶 #NorthBMusicMinRetreat #vsco #vscocam #vscoph #gelapixshot

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As I reflected this morning through an early morning swimming, I prayed and asked for descernment if this ministry is really the Lord wanted me to be in. Until, we attended the Mass, and the Priest’s homily tells about being humble and giving back everything to God, and it actually added up to my reflections.

Going back to the last activity, we are ask to regroup and we need to sing a praise and worship song, where we need to apply our technical learnings from the session. I did not even think that I will be ask to play guitar, nobody from our chapter knew that I know how to play instruments and I couldn’t remember when was the last time I played guitar. I felt honored inside, when my groupmates trusted me to do it, and I realized that if anyone can trust me in doing the things I don’t usually do, what more God? He, who gave this talent to me because He trusted me from the very beginning.

As the retreat ended the mission still continue. May the Lord fill my heart with humbleness for I may always remember that I will use my music talents through this ministry for His glory and worthiness to be praise and worship, and not for fame or to become a distruction.

North B Music Ministry

Praise God for this realizations and exprerience!
Gela Nicolas


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