Please know I’m hurt

I am sprained and feel sick. But I don’t think that’s the reason behind my tears. Please know I’m hurt.

I know you’re not the type of person who’ll first move. You’re not the type of person to speak first in silent moment. You’re not the person who’ll first say sorry specially when you know that you don’t do anything. Please know I’m hurt when you do nothing.

Please know I’m hurt, when I am silent and you’re not also even talking to me, always remember that there is a reason behind my swing mood.

Please know I’m hurt, when you don’t even touch me when I am irritated, remember that I need your touch, I still wanted to feel your care even I am inclement.

Please know I’m hurt, when you’re asking me to go home without asking me if I’m okay, remember at that point I need your concern.

I know you’re also hurt for what happened. I’m sorry if I choose to go home instead of making the first move to talk, to say sorry, or to ask you about the day. At that moment I’m helping myself not to cry, my heart is truly aching. I really wanted to cry and explode. I am teary eyed standing inside the bus, didn’t know if the reason was the sprain or my paiful chest.

Honestly, I don’t want to react the way I reacted that time. Because, I dont want to ruin the day, I don’t want you to ignore me again and I dont want us to fight. But I’m sorry I can’t help myself. 💔

If only I can change the way I feel that moment, atleast now I’m hopefully receiving a “good night”, “take care”, “keep safe” or “get well” message from you.

I know this is just a simple fight but please know I’m hurt whenever it changes everything from us. I know at first I was wrong, but please know I’m hurt whenever you do nothing and make the day passed without fixing it. 💔

Remember that in your simple talk and touch, I’ll be fine and can make my mood back to normal. Thank you. I love you! 🙁


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