My ‘Christ Bound’ Experience

I haven’t realize that change is really coming until I attended the SFC Metro Manila Regional Conference: “Christ Bound”. I learned about being contented, career, relationships and how Christ Bound.

Let the #ChristBound begin ❤️

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Truly, the first talk about the contentment slap me because it’s definitely me. So, does it mean I am not contented? – Shop a lot, even if its not needed. Follow the trends like gadgets, clothing etc. – maybe yes. But somehow many didn’t get the point of being contented. How can you be successful if you’ll be contented of what you have right now? But one thing comes to my mind, Do your best and God will do the rest. You can be contented, while doing your best and your best shot will make you succeed, just believe in yourself, have faith and ask for God’s guidance. Being able to achieve our dreams is not for us to be uncontented, it’s about doing our best enable to achieve it.

The second session is about career. It helps us to evaluate if our current job was really helping us to do our work of being a Christian. As per my self evaluation, yes I’m still on a right path. It’s actually my 4th company in 2 years, and most of the reason why I left the companies I’ve been before is because I always choose God, my service. I always have in mind that if I choose Him, he will provide. He did not just provide, but He always provide me the best.

The third session talks about relationship. That relationship is a part of our lives and not all relationships are perfect or ideal. There are many types of relationships but in this session they are most focus on community, non-community and romantic relationship.

In community, I learned that as an SFC we are called to honor our brothers and sisters, some of us fall prey to envy, gossip, bullying and cliques. But I learned that faithfulness to our brothers and sisters is the key to overcome those. Instead of envy, we can be faithful to them by our support. Instead of gossip, we can be faithful to them by speaking positively. Instead of bullying, we can be faithful by not poke fun to others. Instead of cliques, we can be faithful by speaking with them privately.

In non-community, I learned that the our love, faithfulness and compassion to non-community should be same level as our community. As SFC we should evangelize them and let us be an example to them, be like Jesus. I remember when I am in YFC, I have two personalities my personality when I am outside the community and inside the community. I can’t even evangelize my friends, literally I am not Christ-like but in the community many look up on me like I am good and active and they see me as a good example. But then I realized that it shouldn’t be like that. I reflected and choose – I decided to be true to myself and choose what’s good in the Lord’s eyes. And I praise God for helping me to overcome that challenge,  and now continuously practicing being faithful and loving inside or outside this community.

Lastly, the romantic relationship, good thing I am with Bryl (my Boyfriend) while hearing this session, Bryl is also a non-community before and when I decided to crossover, my whole family also invited him to attend the CLP with me,.praise God he responded willingly and active. Also, this is his first ever conference. Moving forward I learned to this session that chastity is a virtue and we can be faithful with our partners by trusting and loving them. Since we are in the community we should be in a relationship with the one who’ll bring us more closer to God.

“We will for God’s will”

On the last session, there is one question really made me think and reflect – Where am I going? and I learned that I am not alone in my journey and I believe that I am not the one who’s experiencing all of this, maybe we all have differences and different paths but we have one destination, it is in Christ and with His love, grace and mercy we will surely arrive.

North B1-C

After my 7 years in Kids for Christ and 7 years in Youth for Christ I believe I am still on the right path because I am Singles for Christ, and I praise God for allowing me to attend this conference and experience His overflowing love and be with His awesome followers (my HH, Chapter, Cluster, Sector). I also thank him for letting me see His wonderful creation in Ilocos.

Team Sand Dunes 😌 #ByahengLaoag #SFCtravels

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This conference and the activities specially the random act of kindness I did with my Household will surely remembered. Let the learning spread~





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