Plan an affordable party for your love ones!

It’s Mom’s 50th Birthday. So, my brother and I planned to make a surprise party for Mom. Since it’s just me, my brother and Dad are the ones who had plan, it’s been hard for us because we always used to plan events with Mom and her approvals. We don’t have that much budget and we just had a short plannng time, that’s why we came up on the affordable but elegant idea on how to make it memorable for Mom.

Planning points:

  •  Number of guests
    Since our Mom have a lot of friends we just choose the closest friends, we came up to invite 50 guests. On inviting guests, we make sure that they could come so we can replace them, when they aren’t coming.
  • Affordable and Accessible Venue

In choosing venuewe considered the most accesible, nearest and affordable venue. We searched online ask for their quotations via phone call or email.

We choose the Aberdeen Court since that is the most affordable and accessible among all the choices we had.


See Packages & Other Services

Contact info:

1403 Quezon Ave.
Quezon City
Tel No. +63 2 371-3801 to 07
Fax No.+63 2 371-3312

Since not everything is included to their packages, we need to add up things to make the party elegant and memorable, but we did not avail the other services and we choose to just pay for the courcages.

We just add the table cloth to our package. We paid courcages for the flower centerpieces and projector/screen. I just bought a letter balloons in the Market for the backdrop.

Letter balloons – 25php each.

For Flower centerpiece plus bouquet, we search online and look for the most affordable and canvas through phone call. We choose the Gertrudes Flower Shop.

Floral Centerpiece – 250php each.
Bouquet of Roses – 800php.

They delivered the flowers on time. No delivery charge and highly recommended.

Contact info:

Look for Marvin
0999 359 1984
0933 330 7449
0927 9677802
  • Making an affordable invitation.

You don’t need to hire someone to make an invitation, you can check online and make your own (Ex. Pinterest; Google Search).Then Print it to a photoshop which will only cost you 6php each.

  • Affordable video/photo coverage for the documentation of your event and souvenir for your guests.

We choose photobooth pictures as the souvenir, and we choose the Matchbox Booth, to cover the event because their service includes the photo/video with 2hrs photobooth for just only 9,000 (incl. photo album, printed picture and a CDs for the Photos, Photobooth pictures, edited and uncut videos). We invited them thrice since 2012 because they have an affordable and yet satisfying services.

  • Optional

Aside from the listed above we also did an AVP video for Mom and a video message from her friends and family in province and abroad. (I was the one who made it though. ;P)

After completing everything that is needed, we plan to create a 3 hours program, we choose Sunday, 7-10pm as our time schedule.

7:00 – 7:30 : Waiting for Mom’s Arrival / Open Photobooth
7:30 – 7:45 : Mom’s dance with Dad.
7:45 – 7:50 : Opening Prayer
7:50 – 8:00 : AVP Video
8:00 – 8:30 : Honoring
8:30 – 9:00 : Dinner / Open photobooth
9:00 – 9:30 : Blowing of Cake Candle, Family Messages, Celebrant Message.
9:30 – 10:00 : Dance for all / Open Photobooth

Angela’s Tip: put 30 mins early from the event time on the invitation so you can all start at the exact time.

Set up story:

People who are in-charge of preparing the venue (for the backdrop, projector, ect.) had been there at 6pm. Before Mom’s arrival, guests are asked to take their photobooth, my brother and dad accompany Mom to the event area. When guests are ask to settle down while waiting for Mom, the lights are turned off just like the typical surprise (Thanks to the Aberdeen’s Staff for suggesting this Idea). When Mom arrived everybody greeted her a “Happy Birthday!”. Dad danced Mom in front and took her to her sit. After that, the program will start by the Opening Prayer, followed by the AVP and the Honoring and … (follow the program above)

We saw how happy our Mom and how overwhelmed she is during that moment. As for her, “This is the best birthday para sa’akin” – as her family this was a mission accomplished.

Thanks for reading, I Hope it helps you!






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