Quarter-life Crisis

What is a quarter-life crisis?

The quarter-life crisis is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their own lives, brought on by the stress of becoming an adult. [info]

As per my research there are many cases of a quarter-life crisis it’s either about financial, love life and many more, but, let me share you my story by answering the following questions below:

  • When did I feel this kind of crisis?

Before answering this question I would like to share you a little bit of me. I am a happy go lucky person, YOLO (millennial, lol), don’t know how to budget my finances and when someone asked me about my goal, one thing comes to my mind – “to be happy” (too general, hahaha). But seriously speaking, whenever someone asked me about goals, I don’t know how to answer it. Until realization came, and that’ll be my answer in this question.

So, I felt this crisis after I attended a workshop in our Singles for Christ International Conference. The workshop entitled “Financial Wellness”, actually my boyfriend chose this workshop.

I’ll share you what happened – The speaker asked everyone – “Nasaan ka na ba ngayon?” (What is your status now?) – I personally don’t know the answer to that question, and I think most of the participants too. So, the speaker gave everyone a ‘Cash Flow’ sheet guide on how we’ll going to compute our monthly and annual expenses. (Shocks!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.28.46 PM
Sample Cash Flow Sheet
Steps to Financial Freedom
1. Improve and know your Cash Flow
Income – Savings / Investment = Expenses
Tithes = 10%
Expenses = 70%
Save / Investment = 20%
2. Setting Out of Debt.
3. Setting up your Emergency Fund =
*at least 3 – 9 months of monthly expenses
4. Setting Protected from Life’s Risk.
*Adequate coverage of Life/Non- Life Insurance investing for your future.

This is the example cashflow sheet guide to compute your income and expenses. When I completed mine, it shows that the bigger part of my income goes to my transportation (uber, grab, taxi – *eyes rolled*). It also shows that my income is almost equal to my expenses, tithes excluded (sorry, Lord). On the other part of the sheet is the priorities table. On that moment I realized that goals or priorities need to have it’s date to accomplish, at that time I still don’t know what to write about my goals or priorities, until I saw what’s my Boyfriend wrote to his sheet (ohh, ganun pala yun). I just copied some of his goals, but atleast I know how to do it now. After that, I feel confused and doubtful. How can I achieve the goal I wrote if my income is almost equal to my expenses? How will I save money?

  • How did I know that it is the ‘Quarter-life Crisis’ thing?

After the Conference I’m still confused about my finances. I continued to pray for my finances, confusions and what the Lord’s plan for me. In my reflection, I asked myself “am I the only one who’s experiencing this?” I’m not a child or a teenager anymore, I’m an adult but not in a mid-age to settle down, so I realized that I’m in a quarter-life of adolescence period. (funny, yah? but some can relate)

  • What did I do during this Crisis?

I explored. My parents are too worried of my actions, but I told them to let me overcome this on my own. My story now was quite funny. Since I am stressed about my financial and because we are also in a lenten season, I made some in this list as my fasting. So, here’s what I did:

1. I removed my grab, uber and wonder app on my phone. (since transportation is where most of my income goes) – for my fasting, I used to ride bus and MRT.

2. I opened a bank account for my savings. (Yeay!)

3. I opened my mind to any business offers and opinions.

4. I attended financial seminars.

5. I pray and pray so I may enlighten by my decisions.

Because of my doubts in the first question, I joined a business that someone offered to me, where I thought it’s God’s answer to my prayers. I entered this business not thinking twice. I just joined for money and not basing on my faith and beliefs. I forgot my first and only goal (to be happy). I focused my mind on a big income. Until I felt something wrong. I am bothered for the business’ goals and flow. I am pressured for the goal they want me to accomplish in a month. I prioritized this business rather than my service. And at last, I questioned myself “If this was God’s answer to my prayer, why am I not happy?” “Why am I bothered?” “Why isn’t fit to my service schedule?”

  • How did I overcame this crisis?

In the beginning of entering that business, my family was really against on my decisions, I denied to them that I joined (until now, I didn’t tell them), and I asked for some of my friends’ advice. I shared to them what bothers me and asked for their prayers. Here’s the list of God’s reminders for me:

1. When dad gave his speech to his visitors in his Birthday. He said, “Hindi kami mayaman dahil di naman importante ang pera, ang importante, masaya ako kasama ang aking pamilyang nagsisilbi kay Lord, at alam ko siya na and bahala at di Niya kami pinapabayaan.” (We are not rich, and money is not an important thing, what’s the most important is my happiness in serving the Lord with my family and I know God will provide and God will never leave us.)

2. When my brother told me to stop and said to me that he’ll get mad when I continue the business, and he told me that we are not a type of a foolish family.

3. When I attended the Covenant Orientation Weekend (the first formation track in Single for Christ). One of the Talks there is also about financial. (wow, this is really for me) The speaker reminded us that everything are came from the Lord, so in everything that we do the purpose is to glorify him. In our community, they discourage us from a monkey business. I don’t know what the monkey business is, but my seat mate told me its Networking.

God was just really reminded me that if I could easily resign on my past jobs for service, maybe, it’s also a reminder for me to give up this business for my service too. God was simply reminded me, that the most important thing in this world is not money, but how are we going to strengthen our faith to him. We cannot bring the material things we invested on the eternal life, but we can do such work that will glorify our Lord and work on our lives to holiness.

When I entered that business, it made me regret of the things I’ve done from the past, that I should saved and invest, not spend and spend. But I thank the Lord for giving me my ever supportive family, they’ll just reminded me that my travels are my investments and I should not regret them, because I learned and those experiences will never be steal. In my realization, I cannot see myself now doing that kind of business. I thank the Lord for all these experiences that I really feel the maturity in me.

Now, I overcame this crisis by knowing the value of money. Since, we are all going old. I learned that I should save, have my insurance, invest for my future, travel as long as I my budget can. Focus my heart in faithfulness, love and serve the Lord through serving others and put your trust in the Lord, and He will provide.


Angela declares: do not worry because the Lord is preparing you for a big blessing.


Listen to God’s calling.




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