Bengal Brew / Wolf and Bear

Me and my boyfriend Bryl celebrated our 2nd anniversary in Bengal Brew / Wolf Bear. This is not actually our first time to visit a pet cafe but this one is quite unique.  Continue reading “Bengal Brew / Wolf and Bear”

Selfie Cafe: The newest Cafe in PH

This cafe is very unique in the metro today. They have this kind of machine that could print your selfie picture in a whip cream with the beverages of your choice.  Continue reading “Selfie Cafe: The newest Cafe in PH”

Review: Cafe Mary Grace

As a coffee shop hopper lover, I mostly appreciate the interior design and the concept of the coffee shop, also the ambiance I felt. But in this coffee shop I felt different. Continue reading “Review: Cafe Mary Grace”


Schmidt’s offers 6 kinds of hotdog sandwich in different toppings that will let you feel a different kind of hotdog experience. This is a cool concept, specially to the people who love to eat hotdogs. Continue reading “SCHMIDT’S Gourmet: BEST HOTDOGS OF THE WORLD”