Meralco’s Maliwanag ang Pasko 2016

“Christmas Around the World” is this year’s theme for Liwanag Park of Meralco’s Maliwanag ang Pasko program which started in 2011.

What are the attractions in Liwanag Park? Continue reading “Meralco’s Maliwanag ang Pasko 2016”

My ‘Christ Bound’ Experience

I haven’t realize that change is really coming until I attended the SFC Metro Manila Regional Conference: “Christ Bound”. I learned about being contented, career, relationships and how Christ Bound. Continue reading “My ‘Christ Bound’ Experience”

Annoyed of the Signaling System Problem in MRT


I ride MRT everyday going to work started this year, and this is just my 3rd time to experience having a problem in trains/station. Regarding the transportation in Metro Manila, nobody can even tell when we’ll going to be late or be early in our appointments or schedules even though we already have trains as our transportation. Continue reading “Annoyed of the Signaling System Problem in MRT”