Bengal Brew / Wolf and Bear

Me and my boyfriend Bryl celebrated our 2nd anniversary in Bengal Brew / Wolf Bear. This is not actually our first time to visit a pet cafe but this one is quite unique.  Continue reading “Bengal Brew / Wolf and Bear”

Plan an affordable party for your love ones!

It’s Mom’s 50th Birthday. So, my brother and I planned to make a surprise party for Mom. Since it’s just me, my brother and Dad are the ones who had plan, it’s been hard for us because we always used to plan events with Mom and her approvals. We don’t have that much budget and we just had a short plannng time, that’s why we came up on the affordable but elegant idea on how to make it memorable for Mom.

Planning points: Continue reading “Plan an affordable party for your love ones!”

Selfie Cafe: The newest Cafe in PH

This cafe is very unique in the metro today. They have this kind of machine that could print your selfie picture in a whip cream with the beverages of your choice.  Continue reading “Selfie Cafe: The newest Cafe in PH”

QCX: Quezon City’s new Interactive, Socio Cultural and Historical Museum.

QCX – Quezon City Experience located at Quezon Memorial Circle is now open.

Outdoor Sculpture

QCX is a spacious museum where visitors can learn the culture and history of Quezon City. It is also called  ‘green museum’ because of enclosure trees. There is also a Business Hub where  cafe,restaurants, shops and rentable spaces like the 100-seat theater, 60-seat lecture room, conference room, rooftop and outdoor exhibits for events are located. Continue reading “QCX: Quezon City’s new Interactive, Socio Cultural and Historical Museum.”