Picture Perfect at Pinto Art Museum

Me and Bryl are planning to go to Pinto Art Museum since last year. Now, we’re glad that we made it before the end of the year. It’s our 22nd Month Celebration, and we know that this is the perfect place to celebrate. We already went to BenCab Museum in Baguio which I thought was the same as this Museum but it’s far different. Continue reading “Picture Perfect at Pinto Art Museum”

Hops & Hogs Gastropub

It’s Holiday out with my Boyfriend and we are in Sta. Lucia Mall in Cainta – where his house are nearby. We are planning to chill and have something to eat in a restaurant that we’re not even tried yet. It’s just surprising that there are stand alone restaurants outside the Mall like Henrico’s and Pancake House (that was actually my first time to roam around outside Sta. Lucia Mall haha). Before we know about the Hops & Hogs, I remember a post of my friend in Facebook that Hops & Hogs is Located in Cainta. So, I searched for its location. Continue reading “Hops & Hogs Gastropub”